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Pair OvisLink wireless headset with Cisco 8800 phones

  1. Turn on your OvisLink wireless headset
  2. Press the setting button Cisco phone setting key on the Cisco phone keypad
  3. Select Bluetooth on the phone screen
  4. Select Add Bluetooth device. The Cisco phone will search for Bluetooth devices. (It may take a couple minutes.)
  5. You should see the OvisLink wireless headset model "OVHS-SBL3-HT" (single ear model) or "OVHS-DBL4-HT" (dual ear) on the found Bluetooth devices list.
  6. Select the model then press Pair.
  7. If it ask for passkey, enter 0000
  8. After done with pairing, press the headset key on the Cisco phone keypad to use the headset. While headset key pressed, press the "-" or "+" to adjust the headset volume.

Have a Cisco SPA 525G? Here is the instruction to install OvisLink wireless headsets with Cisco SPA 525G.

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