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How to Install OvisLink Wireless Headsets with Cisco SPA 525G

    1. Turn on your OvisLink wireless headset. You'll see the Green LED on the headset blinking.
    OvisLink Bluetooth headset on / off switch
    2. Press the "Menu" (circled by red) key on your Cisco SPA 525G phone's keypad to get on setup menu.
    Cisco SPA 525G phone menu keys
    3. Press the down arrow key to select the “7. User Preferences”, then press "Select" key.
    Cisco SPA 525G phone User Preferences
    4. On the User Preferences page, use the down arrow key to select “4. Bluetooth Configuration” then press "Select" key.
    Cisco SPA 525G Bluetooth Configuration page
    5. On Bluetooth Configuration page, use the down arrow key to select "Bluetooth Profiles". Press “Set” key.
    Cisco SPA 525G Bluetooth Profiles
    6. On the Select Bluetooth Profile page press "Scan" key to start scan for Bluetooth devices.
    Cisco SPA 525G Scan button
    7. “OvisLink SBL3 HT” (single ear) or “OvisLink DBL4 HT” (dual ear) will show on the phone's screen. Select the OvisLink headset then press “Connect” key.
    Cisco SPA 525G connect button
    8. On the "Edit Bluetooth Profile" page, go to "Pin" field, enter 0000. * To enter one "0", you need to press the "0" key twice. Otherwise, the phone enter a space instead of a "0". After you see **** on the Pin field, press “Connect” key.
    Cisco SPA 525G how to enter character 0
    9. It will take the phone a moment to connect the headset. Once it done, you'll see a red check mark next to the OvisLink headset you just paired on the "Select Bluetooth Profile" page.

    OvisLink wireless headset connected with Cisco SPA 525G

    10. Press “Back” key a few times then press "Exit" key to back to the regular display.
    OvisLink wireless headset finish setup
    11. Press the headset key on the phone keypad to use the headset.

    Cisco SPA 525G headset key
    12. Press the multi function key on the headset to answer and disconnect calls. Press the "+", "-" to adjust headset volume.
    OvisLink wireless headset talk button and volume control