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Wired Digium Phone Headsets With Mics

Tired of your phone cutting out? With corded Digium headsets from OvisLink, you can rest assured you'll never have to deal with poor phone call quality again. Our specially designed call-center headset models for Digium IP phones are guaranteed to provide you with the comfort and quality you need to work on the phone day in and day out. A wired headset for a Digium phone works best when paired with the proper Digium IP phone. When you use the right headset for the right phone, we guarantee you'll be astounded by the crystal-clear voice quality.
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Digium IP Phone Single-Ear Headset Digium IP Phone Headset

Model # OVHS072-DGM
Compatible Digium Phone Models:
D40, D45, D50, D60, D62, D65, D70

Unit Price $56.95
Digium IP Phone Dual-Ear Headset Digium Phone Headset, Dual Ear

Model # OVHS084-DGM
Compatible Digium Phones:
D40, D45, D50, D60, D62, D65, D70

Unit Price $69.95
On Sale Price: $66.95
Headset Quick Disconnect Cord for Digium IP phones Headset Quick Disconnect Cord for Digium IP phones

Model # QD-DGM
Connect OvisLink headset with:
Digium phone model: D40, 45, D50, D70

Our Price: $19.95
Digium D80 Phone Call Center Headset Digium D80 IP Phone Headset

Model # OVHS072-DGM2
Compatible Digium Phone:
D80 Executive-level IP phone

Our Price: $56.95
Digium D80 Phone Headset for Call Center Digium D80 Executive-level IP phone Headset Dual Ear

Model # OVHS084-DGM2
Compatible Digium Phone:
D80 Executive-level IP phone

Our Price: $69.95
On Sale Price: $66.95

High-Quality, Comfortable Wired Digium Headsets

OvisLink headsets are specifically designed for users who work in call centers, sales departments, and anywhere else that requires long hours on the phone. The rotatable microphone boom lets users easily switch their speaker to either the left or right ear. With an over-the-head design and leatherette ear cushion, users can wear our headsets for long hours every day and still feel comfortable. Key wired Digium headset features include:
  1. Acoustic shock protection
  2. Noise cancellation
  3. Leatherette ear cushion
  4. Manageable and flexible microphone boom, microphone can be adjusted and stay at position as user want.
  5. Rotatable microphone boom (for single-ear models, user may switch the speaker to either the left or the right ear)
  6. Adjustable headband
  7. Tangle-free coiled quick-disconnect cord
Digium Headsets

Each Digium phone headset with microphone includes two main parts: the upper part (the headpiece) and the lower part (the connecting cord). The upper part can either be a single earpiece (covers one ear) or dual earpiece (covers both ears), a headband, a microphone, and an upper cord that connects to the lower part of the headset. The lower part is the quick-disconnect cord with an RJ9 connector that connects to a Digium IP phone headset jack. The quick-disconnect cord was designed so users can easily disconnect the headpiece from the lower cord when they need to step away from their desk.

New Updates on OvisLink Digium Headset Models

We just released the second version of Digium headsets for Digium D80 IP phones. The new models are OVHS072-DGM2 and OVHS084-DGM2. These new headset models have the same features as the first version of Digium headsets, but compatible Digium phone models are different. Following is the detail list:

• First Version Digium Headset models OVHS072-DGM and OVHS084-DGM are compatible with Digium Switchvox Phone Models: D40, D45, D50, D60, D62, D65, D70

• Second Version Digium Headset models OVHS072-DGM2 and OVHS084-DGM2 are compatible with Digium Switchvox Phone Model D80 Executive-level IP phone.

How to choose the right headset model for your Digium IP phone.

    From the above descriptions, you should be able to find your Digium IP phone's series and model. Two headset models are compatible with your phone: a single-ear headset and a dual-ear headset. Both headsets are comfortable and provide first-rate quality audio. However, someone who frequently consults colleagues or works at home may prefer a single ear headset, while those who need to keep 100% of their focus on their phone conversations might prefer a headset with dual earpieces.

Do you need to purchase any adapter or amplifier to use the headset?

    No, you don't need to purchase any adapter or amplifier. The headset models come with a quick-disconnect cord that is designed to connect directly to Digium IP phones for maximum audio quality.
    Quictions? Clic here to see F.A.Q. for using Contact Center headsets with Digium phones.