OvisLink® Co.

Makes Call Center Headset Simple
OvisLink Co. is a corporation based in Southern California. “OvisLink” is a trademark registered in United States.
Started from 2000s, OvisLink manufactures high quality Call Center headsets and services Call Centers and different types of businesses in U.S.A. for more than a decade.
Product’s reliability and customer’s satisfaction are OvisLink's first priority and tradition. OvisLink Call Center headsets are made to provide Call Center users with crystal clear human voice and All-day comfort. OvisLink headsets come with all reliable features and Built-in Acoustic Shock Protection to protect our headset users.
OvisLink created different headset models to be compatible with most popular telephone brands in the U.S. market. These OvisLink headset models are designed to connect to the telephone directly and do not require additional parts, amplifiers, battery, ACDC adapter or other components. It makes Call Center headsets easy to install, simple to use and budget friendly.
OvisLink just released new Bluetooth headset models for desktop telephones, smartphones and computers in July 2020.
OvisLink promises Call Center and small business customers to service them with the best and affordable multitasking tools for them to use in Call Centers, office and work at home.

OvisLink Co. address and contact information:

OvisLink CO.
203 Lemon Creek Dr. STE C
Walnut, CA 91789
Sales Department
Tel.: 909-869-8666 x 1
Email: sales@ovislink.com
Support Team
Tel.: 909-869-8666 x 2
Email: support@ovislink.com