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Use OvisLink Headset on NEC DSX Phones

To use a corded headset with NEC a DSX phone?
Setup OvisLink headset with NEC DSX phone
  1. First thing to do is plug the headset cord into the headset jack on the bottom of the NEC telephone.
  2. Then program a headset key.

Program the headset key:

NEC DSX Phone keypad layout
  1. Push "Menu" + Dial "51" + Press a Feature Key.
  2. Push "Select" then ">, >" repeatedly to scroll to Headset.
  3. Push "Select" to choose the Headset assignment.
  4. Press "Back" + "Exit" to exit

To turn the headset mode on and off: :

    Press your Headset Feature Key.
      - The headset key is on while in the headset mode; off while in the normal handset mode.

To use your headset:

    While in the headset mode, you can do the following:
      - Press a line key to place or answer an outside call.
      - Press INTERCOM to dial a co-worker on the Intercom.
      - While on a call, press SPEAKER to hang up.

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