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Instruction to Pair Wireless Headset with Panasonic Phone

(Panasonic model KX-TGF380, KX-TGF382, KX-TGF383, KX-TG590SK, KX-TG592SK, KX-TG593SK)

    1. Turn on your OvisLink wireless headset. .
OvisLink lightweight wireless headset power switch
    2. On the Panasonic phone, press the “MENU” key.
Panasoinc phone menu keys
    3. Press the down arrow key at the low right hand side of the phone 4 times. You’ll see “Bluetooth” on the phone display.
Panasonic phone arrow keys
    4. Press “select” key (the middle key below the phone display).
Panasonic phone Bluetooth setting
    5. You’ll see “Link to cell” on the phone display. Press down arrow key twice, “Headset” will display on the screen.
Panasonic phone select headset
    6. Press “Select” key again. “Connect”, “Pair” will show on the display. Press down arrow key to highlight “Pair” then press “Select” key.
Panasonic phone pairing button
    7. On "Enter Pin" show on screen, enter “0 0 0 0” then press OK key.
Enter Bluetooth pin number for Panasonic phone
    8. Screen display “Headset Pairing”. Wait a minute, you should see “Complete”, then OvisLink headset model on the display.
OvisLink Bluetooth headset connected
    9. Pickup the hand receiver and pick back, it will back to home creen. Bluetooth and headset icon tells the Bluetooth headset is connected.
Bluetoothe headset is connected with your Panasonic phone
    10. Press the multi function key on the headset to answer and disconnect calls.
Multi function key on OvisLink wireless headset
    11. These Panasonic phone use "Speaker" key as dial key. After dialed a number, you may press the soft headset key to switch to the connected headset.
Panasonic phone headset soft key