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Connect OvisLink wireless Headset with Polycom VVX600 Series Phones

    1. Tap the Bluetooth icon on the Polycom phone screen to start
Polycom phone Bluetooth button
    2. There are two lines on the Polycom phone Bluetooth setup screen: "Bluetooth Radio" and "Manage BT Headsets". If the first line "Bluetooth Radio(On)" skip to step 4th. If the first line "Bluetooth Radio(Off), tap it and go to Bluetooth Radio page.
Polycom phone Bluetooth setting page
    3. Tap to check the "On" box then, tap the left arrow key to get back to previous page.
Polycom phone Bluetooth Radio page
    4. Tap the 2nd line "Manage BT Headsets
Polycom phone Bluetooth setting page
    5. If you haven't paired any Bluetooth headset, will be no name listed as the picture. Tap the “Scan” soft key at the low left bottom.
Polycom phone before pairing Bluetooth headset
    6. A message show on the screen “Place device into discoverable mode"
turn OvisLink Bluetooth headset into discoverable mode
    7. Turn on your OvisLink wireless headset. Once OvisLink headset name “OvisLink SBL3 HT” (if you have a single ear) or “OvisLink DBL4 HT” (if you have a dual ear) shows on the screen, tap the "Add" soft key at the left bottom of the screen.
Polycom phone found OvisLink Bluetooth headset
    8. A message shows "Adding device. Name=OvisLink SBL3 HT or OvisLink DBL4 HT Please wait...".
Polycom phone add OvisLink Bluetooth headset
    9. Once OvisLink Bluetooth headset added to your Polycom phone, it will back to the "Bluetooth BT Headset page and the OvisLink headset shows on the list.
Polycom phone Bluetooth headset paired
    10. Pick up your Polycom phone's hand received and put it back on hood. It will bring you back to the regular screen. There will be headset icon on the Bluetooth icon. The OvisLink wireless headset is ready to be used.
OvisLink Bluetooth headset is ready to be use
    11. Press the Headset key on your Polycom phone to use the headset.
Polycom phone headset key