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Install OvisLink Wireless Headsets with Grandstream Phone

    1. By default, Grandstream phone’s Bluetooth function is set to “Discoverable”. And you can see there is a Bluetooth icon at the top of the screen.
Grandstream phone home screen before Bluetooth device connected
    2. Press the center key of the Grandstream phone’s menu arrow keys to get on setup menu.
Grandstream phone menu keys
    3. Use the menu arrow keys to highlight the system icon then press the center key. System configuration page will show up.
Grandstream phone systme icon
    4. Use the down arrow key to highlight “Bluetooth” then press the key below “Select” to get on “Bluetooth” page.
Grandstream Bluetooth setting page
    5. Press down arrow key until “Start Scan” highlighted. Press the key below “Select” again.
Grandstream phone start scan Bluetooth devices
    6. Your Grandstream phone started to scan available Bluetooth devices. Turn your OvisLink Bluetooth headset to on position.
OvisLink Bluetooth headset on / off switch
    7. Once you see “OvisLink SBL3 HT” (single ear) or “OvisLink DBL4 HT” (dual ear), or "OVISLINK" (if you have Bluetooth 5.0", press the key below “Pair”.
Grandstream phone found OvisLink Bluetooth headset
    8. (If requires PIN, enter 0000.) Once the Bluetooth headset connected with the phone, it will show “Connected” as the image below.

OvisLink Bluetooth headset connected
    9. Press “Exit” key to back to home screen.

Grandstream phone setup menu exit
    10. You should see the Bluetooth icon on the phone screen changed.
Grandstream phone Bluetooth device connected
    11. Press the Headset Soft Key "BT-On" at the left bottom of the phone screen to use the headset.
Grandstream phone headset key
    12. Press the multi function key on the headset to answer and disconnect calls.
OvisLink wireless headset button to answer calls