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Install OvisLink Wireless Headset with Yealink IP Phones

    1. There is a green Bluetooth icon on your Yealink phone screen if it supports Bluetooth. Press the Menu key to get on setup menu.
Yealink phone menu keys
    2. Select the “Basic” icon then press enter key to get into Basic setting page.
Yealink phone Basic setting icon
    3. Use the down arrow key on the Yealink phone keypad to select “7. Bluetooth” then press enter.
Yealink Bluetooth setting page
    4. Press the left or right arrow key on the Yealink phone to turn Bluetooth “On”. Press “Scan” key to start scan Bluetooth device.
Yealink phone start scan Bluetooth devices
    5. Turn on your OvisLink Bluetooth headset.

OvisLink Bluetooth headset on / off switch
    6. “OvisLink SBL3 HT” (single ear) or “OvisLink DBL4 HT” (dual ear) will show on the screen. Select the OvisLink headset then press “Connect” key.

Yealink phone found OvisLink Bluetooth headset
    7. When ask you for pass code, enter “0000”, then press “OK” key.
OvisLink Bluetooth headset connected
    8. There will be a green check mark on the OvisLink Bluetooth headsets indicate it is connected.
Yealink phone setup menu exit
    9. Press “Back” key back to the phone’s home page. You’ll see the Bluetooth icon on the phone screen is Green and there is headset icon next to it.
Yealink phone Bluetooth device connected
    10. Press the headset key on the phone keypad. The headset icon on the key will turn green indicates the headset will be used when you press a line key.
Yealink phone headset key