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Use OvisLink Headset on NEC
UNIVERGE SV9100 DT310, DT330, DT530, DT710, DT730, DT800, DT920 Phone

NEC DT800 does not have predefined headset key. In order to use a headset with the phone, you need to program a headset key use one of the programmable keys. Following is the instruction.

Fine an available programmable key:

  1. Press the "Help" button
  2. Press a programmable key you would like to use as the headset key
  3. If "Not define" displays no the screen, the key is available
  4. Press "Exit" button to exit

Program the headset key:

  1. Press "Speaker" button
  2. Key in "7, 5, 1"
  3. Screen display "Key program"
  4. Press the key you want to use as the headset key
  5. It should display "Not define" on the screen
  6. Press "0, 5", you should hear tones and the word "Headset" display on the screen
  7. Press the "Speaker" key to exit

To make sure if the headset key programmed:

  1. Press the "Help" button
  2. Press the key you just programmed
  3. It should display "Headset" instead of "Not define"
  4. Press "Exit" button to exit.

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