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OvisLink Call Center headset Quick User Guide
Last Updated: 01/25/2022

OvisLink Call Center headset Quick User Guide

  1. The headset is equipped with a Quick Disconnect cord to connect to telephone’s headset jack directly. No adapter, amplifier and driver are needed to operate.
  2. Insert the connector into the headset port of a compatible telephone.
  3. Adjust the length of the headband and turn the earpieces slightly until the headset fits comfortably.
  4. On models with only one earpiece, position the T-bar above your ear.
  5. To optimize the position of the microphone, adjust the microphone rod so the microphone is close to the corner of your mouth and the white dot at the microphone should be facing to your mouth.
  6. Attach the clothing clip at a comfortable level to keep the headset properly positioned and free from the cord’s weight.
  7. To answer an incoming call, dial a call press the headset button on the keypad of the phone.
  8. To hang up the call, press the headset button on the phone’s keypad again.
  9. To switch from the headset to the phone’s handset, pickup the handset from the hood.
  10. To switch from the handset to the headset, press the headset button on the phone’s keypad then put the handset back to the hood.
  • Different telephone brands and model may be different. Some of the phones use Speaker button as the headset button. Some of the phones need to be assigned a feature key as the headset button. Please find your telephone's brand name from the left column. Click at the brand name to find more information to use the headset with your phone.
Download Headset Quick User Guide:
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For each headset model's user manual, please go to the "User Manual" section of the particular model page.

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