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Free SIP IP Phone Service


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 New Released!
GXE5028 Back View
Grandstsream IP PBX
SIP VoIP Gateways
  • Small to Medium Sized Business
  • Support 4 / 8 Local Phone Line (PSTN)
  • Rich PBX features (intercom & paging, ring group)
  • analog phone/FAX ports & unlimited SIP trunk options
  • Web Interface for Configuration
  • XP2010 4 Lines Phone
  • 4 individual SIP account profiles
  • 22 call appearance lines
  • Multi-party conferencing (up to 4-way)
  • Headset jack (2.5 mm and RJ11)

  • GXP2010 4 Lines Phone
     Air Live Wireless Service Provider Solution!

    Multi Function Wireless AP, Bridge, Repeater, WIAS Client
  • Bridge, WISP Client, Repeater, 4 port router,
  • WDS functions, TX power regulation, watchdog
  • Detachable Antenna, 4 LAN ports
  • 2MB Flash and 16MB SDRAM
  • 54Mbps Wireless AP, 18dBm power

  • 802.11g AP/Bridge/Cient
    Replacement of WL-1120AP
    Air Live WL-5460AP
  • 54Mbps Wireless AP, 18dBm power
  • Bridge, Client, Repeater, WDS functions, TX power regulation, watchdog
  • Detachable Antenna, 2 LAN ports
  • 2MB Flash and 16MB SDRAM

  • Business Virtual Native Network -- Instantly Connect All Your PCsTM

        BizVNN (Business Virtual Native Network) is a service that provides inter-connection among any network computers with Internet access. All the computers with BizVNN software installed will be able to access each other just as they are in same LAN, even though they are all behind router/firewall/NAT devices and only have private IP addresses... More info

    Try it new!
    OvisGate 2.0 SSL VPN Server
         SC Magazine Review Secure Remote Access to Intranet from Anywhere, at anytime. Applications for Remote Client
  • Network Place
  • Web Applications
  • FTP
  • Terminal Server Remote Desktop

  • OvisGate Build 616.2 Released!
    Trail Version Download       Brochure Download
    eLive Internet Remote Print Server
    OvisLink Release New Internet Print Servers
  • Internet Remote Print via Email and FTP
  • Advance USB 2.0 print server
  • 1 x USB 2.0/1.1 port
  • Support Macintosh Rendezvous Zero Configuration
  • UPnP, Web UI, SNMP, and Setup Wizard
  • ADSL Modems

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       * Grandstream VoIP       Gateways Released
       * Free SIP Service for       OvisLink Customers
       * Grandstream Video       Phone now available
       * Refurbished IP phone       device!
       * WL-5460AP,       replacement of       WL-1120AP       Released
       * HandyTone ATA-496
          sample available

       * HandyTone ATA-488
          sample available

    New Product Lines
       *  Outdoor Wireless
       *  ADSL Modems
       *  WLAN USB with
           detachable antenna
       *  Power Line
       *  Storage Media
    Eneterprise Phone
  • Support SIP
  • NAT traversal
  • 11 lines indicators
  • Multi-party conferencing
  • Power-over-Ether
  • High performance
    802.11g USB
  • Longest distance for WLAN USB adapter!
  • Software AP Function!
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