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OvisLink WL-5460AP 802.11g Multi Function Access Point Product Page
AirLive WL-5460AP 802.11g AP / Bridge / Client
  • 54Mbps Wireless AP, 18dBm power
  • Bridge, Client, Repeater, WDS functions, TX power regulation, watchdog
  • Detachable Antenna, 2 LAN ports
  • 2MB Flash and 16MB SDRAM
  • Feature
    The AirLive WL-5460AP is the successor to the OvisLink's popular WL-1120AP Wireless Access Point with outstanding features at an very competitive price. Fully compliant with the 802.11g and 802.11b standard, it is compatible with most wireless devices today. It features 2 LAN ports for connection to router and LAN. The extra large 2MB Flash and 16MB SDRAM ensures sophisticated applications previously developed for WL-1120AP can work with the new AP. 


    Web Management 
    The AP's is configured through web browser for easy and fast configuration.  And you will not find an AP with more functions than the AirLive series.   Starting with the multi-mode function for the AP.  Then we add both 802.1x accounting and authentication ports for WISP application.  Web Management ports are user definable so you can access the multiple APs in a NAT environment.  The new firmware includes TX power regulation in 4 levels.  Moreover, the Watchdog function will reboot the AP automatically if the PING to an user defined IP address failed.

    Bridge, Client, and WDS(repeater) mode
    By changing the software setting, the Access Point can also function as a wireless bridge to connect LANs together across different buildings, floors or areas.  Or act as an AP client to connect with another AP or wireless router.  Best of all, for those users who needs to extend the coverage of the wireless network, the WL-5460AP is also equipped with repeater function to amplify the signal from another AP.  

    Extended Security Features
    OvisLink has gone the extra mile to ensure wireless security.  Hide SSID prevents outside users from joining the network without knowing the wireless Network's ID.  WPA and 64/128-bit port WEP encryption and access control is provided to prevent unwanted intruder. 

    Whether it's for office or home environment, the AirLive 802.11g family bring you the maximum performance and security for today's high speed wireless network.

    *Before configuring TX power regulation, please clean the cookies on your PC first.

    OvisLink WL-5460AP 802.11g Wireless Bridge/Client/AP
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