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WIAS-1000G Product Page
AirLive WIAS-1000G Wireless Internet Access Accounting Server
AirLive WIAS-1000G is an HotSpot Turnkey solution for Hotel, Cafe, Restaurant, or WISP operators to sell Internet connections.  It features a powerful Intel 400Mhz RISC processor and large memory capacity so OvisLink can integrate all the conceivable features that provide simple yet powerful Internet Access accounting solution.  This means providing and selling Internet services has finally become simple and affordable for everyone.

Selling Internet by Time or Traffic
The WIAS-1000G has a built-in local authentication server that you can create instant accounts for Internet access.  You can specify how long the usage time (in hours), starting time, expired time, and service price for each of the 10 different billing account type, so you can sell Internet service by time.  Moreover, you can also choose to sell Internet by traffic (in MBs).  Once you setup the account type.  Simple go to the Instant Account Creation page, then one of the 10 buttons (account types).  A new account is instantly generated with user name and password information.  Then you can print this information on a conventional printer, there is no need to pay extra for ticket printer.  To make it even simpler, the Direct Login will take user directly to this account creation page right after login.  Optional external printer is also available from third parties.

Web Password Authentication
When the user receive its printed account information.  All he needs now is just open the web browser.  Then the WIAS-1000G will automatically pop-out a window asking for users to enter user name and password.  There is no need for end user to install any software!  Once correct information is entered, the user can use the Internet connection.  Furthermore, a status window will pop up showing users how much time has been used and how much time is left.  From this windows, users can also manually log out or redeem more credits to extend the service.  Of course, there is also idle timeout feature (enabled by administrator).  Best of all, the administrator is enable to customize the login page, message on the ticket, and the homepage.  So service provider can have its own outlook.


802.11G wireless with WDS function
The WIAS-1000G features a powerful built-in wireless AP system with 2 removable antennas (included) for extra distance.  Therefore, Cafe or Restaurant can provide wireless Internet service without using extra APs.  The wireless function can be configured to have a different authentication method from the LAN ports.  Built-in client separation function prevents wireless or wired clients seeing each other on the network for the safety and privacy. In addition, WPA, WPA-STK, 802.1x and WEP encryptions are provided for maximum security.  If your network require wider coverage, the built-in WDS repeater function allow you to expand the wireless network without using wires at all.

Public and Private ports

The WIAS-1000G's 4 LAN ports are divided into 2 different groups.  Any computers connected to the Public ports (LAN1&2) require password authentication.  For larger environment such as hotels, you can connect switches or AP networks to these ports.  The Private Ports offer administrators and privilege users direct access to Internet.  The Public ports, Private ports, and wireless network are on different subnets (3 IP subnet and DHCP servers).  Therefore, you can define the firewall rules, authentication policy, and bandwidth separately for each group.  The RJ-11 Console/Accessory port is for console mode configuration or allow users to attach additional accessories to the gateway.

Versatile Authentication
In addition to instant accounts, the gateway also support 500 local users account.  So you can sell monthly service.  In additional to local authentication, OvisLink also offers
simultaneously supports a variety of authentication servers: RADIUS, POP3, LDAP, Windows Domain (AD).  Therefore, it can also fit into your existing hot spot environments.

Bandwidth and Firewall management

The gateway also support bandwidth management function.  So you can control the speed of the user's account.  The Firewall management allows you to define different service type.  For example, administrator can define the firewall so only web and email service is possible.  Administrator can also restrict users by using MAC access control for up to 40 entires.

The Wall Garden feature let administrator to limit destination to certain websites only.  Up to 50 URL/domain are definable.  Standard IDS/IPS system protect the network from hacker attacks.  Accounting report, user activities, and security report can be deliver to administrators via email or the Syslog server.

Versatile and Secure Administration
In addition to the standard Web management interface.  The WIAS-1000G also offers console management in a event when the machine can't be access from the network.  For secure management, the WIAS-1000G offers SSH, SSL, and  SNMP(read only) managements.  

Installing a wireless billing system is a simple and versatile way to provide Internet service to your customers.  Not only you can quickly recover your investment with the affordable cost of the device, you can also offer better service and convenience to your customer.  Visit your authorized OvisLink dealers today.

*Currently supporting PPPoE, DHCP, and Fixed IP connection only.  PPTP under development.

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